Ben Keating’s Track Dominance: An Ironman’s Journey

The latest from the Wynn’s Racing Team

Familiarity breeds recognition and respect. In the realm of motorsports, the name Ben Keating resonates with such familiarity. Branded as the “Ironman” in racing circles, Keating is a testament to unyielding determination and tireless spirit.

Keating – Holding the Racing Torch High:

Keating’s prowess spans across international racing platforms. His commendable journey began with the PR1 Mathiasen Motorsports, with his sterling performance eventually earning him the coveted LMP2 Championship. However, the real groundbreaking moment came for the Texan ‘Car dealer’, when he became the first American driver to win multiple World Championships in sports car racing.

Man of Many Wins:

Not one to rest on his laurels, Keating continued his successful stint at GM’s Corvette Racing, where he delivered outstanding performances, including a notable win at the WEC race at Sebring. All roads led Ben to United Autosports for the 2024 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship. His energy and dedication have not waned; rather, they’ve been refocused, dragging the thrilling world of motorsports along with them. Find out more about his story here.

Keating’s Winning Mantra:

Keating’s rigorous training and meticulous approach to handling his stamina is laudable. With a heart rate that rivals a marathon runner’s in the midst of competition, the racer relies on cycling to sustain high endurance levels.

Keating’s dedication to racing reflects in his philosophy of selling what he races. His collection boasts a Ford GT and Corvette C8R, symbols of the milestones he achieved on international tracks.

Embracing New Sidelines:

Our esteemed ‘Ironman’ is set to explore new avenues in the world of motorsports. United Autosports has inked a deal with this seasoned pro, which signals a wave of excitement for the forthcoming 2024 IMSA Championship. The road ahead promises speed, grit and the relentless pursuit of victory.